What is TreadFast?

Prepare to get stronger, faster and leaner while making new friends and yes, even having a good time!

Never Tread Alone

TreadFast is a group training environment designed for general fitness lovers, advanced runners looking to improve their 10k times, and anyone looking for a new healthy habit to add to their daily routine. Prepare to get stronger, faster and leaner while making new friends and yes, even having a good time!
“Never Tread Alone” is the mantra for our group treadmill program. We are proud to say this is the first of its kind in the Sioux Falls area.

60 minutes of…

This program is designed to “shock” your body in the most efficient and effective ways. TreadFast focuses on giving you noticeable, quick results by improving your cardiovascular system and increasing muscle tone and weight loss, all in a 60 minute group class.  Our elite coaches strive to create a positive, energizing and supportive environment that will help you reach your true fitness potential.

The Atmosphere

This is like no other experience you’ve ever had; when the lights go down and the music starts it’s time to Tread. Dark blue and red lights illuminate the room and create a unique and fun fitness experience. It’s you, your strength, and a treadmill breaking fitness barriers.

Treadmill Training

Never tread alone

Fitness Training

Weights + Core + More

Fun Atmosphere

Lighting + Sound

The Workout

Do I have to be in shape?

You do not have to be in shape before getting in shape! People can start TreadFast at all levels of fitness and anyone looking to get in the best shape of their lives’ are welcome. We will guide your Treadmill Strength experience every step of the way but you are in charge of your own workout roadmap; pick your speed, your weights and your goals for the day. Each class feels new, fun and exciting for all fitness levels.

What are the workouts like?

Our workouts change daily. You will never do the same workout twice. We have state of the art Woodway Treadmills that will make your running experience easy on knees and joints. The strength portion of our workout is designed not only to get advanced runners in shape but also scaled for everyday fitness enthusiasts. We utilize everything from:

  • Kettle Bells
  • Free Weights
  • Body Weight Movements
  • Core Movements, and more

There is also allotted time within the hour to warm up and cool down with mobility drills. You can expect to sweat. A lot. You will be alternating between treadmills, floor work, and strength training in segments that may last as little as 5 minutes each or as much as 30 minutes each, depending on the plan for that day, although 10-15 minutes per round is most common. All this is combined in a group fitness environment with flattering lighting and the best sound system pumping a mix of music that is guaranteed to keep you moving.

Won't I get bulky training with weights?

Our resistance training includes hand weights, kettle bells, resistance bands, weighted balls and all kinds of equipment to keep it interesting. No Olympic-style weightlifting here. Our workout is designed to keep you moving through a series of exercises that will tone and sculpt your body. You choose your own personal goal.

Before your first visit

What do I bring to my first class?

You will be running and doing resistance and weight training. Wear comfortable exercise clothing and a good pair of gym shoes. You will also want to bring a water bottle or something to drink to keep yourself well hydrated. You will sweat so a change of clothes is always a good thing or a towel to wipe off. Most importantly, bring a positive attitude and lots of energy.

Do you have showers and lockers?

Unfortunately, we do not have showers but we do have changing rooms and cubbies to keep your belongings.

Do I need to make reservations?

Due to a limited number of treadmills, it is very important that you reserve your spot. You can reserve your spot 48 hours in advance. If you are unable to make the class you reserved you must cancel your reservation 3 hours prior to class start to allow for another member to take advantage of your spot; with the exception of 5:30am class which requires prior evening before 7pm cancellation. You will be charged a $10 + tax Fee for either No-show or Late Cancellation if you do not cancel your reservation within the designated requirement.  If you reserved class on a Punch-card, you will be charged the session off your Punch-card.

Is there an age restriction?

At this time you must be 14 years or older to Tread. As long as you have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian you are ready to run.

Getting Started

What about Walk Ins?

Because of the limited number of treadmills we do not allow walk –ins at this time. If you are interested in trying a class please call or email to reserve your spot.

Where are you located?

We are in the back studio inside CrossFit Sioux Falls at 3505 S Phillips Ave, where Phillips ends at I-229, just past 43rd Street. Take the driveway on the right (west). We’re about 200 feet down, first building.  See Map below.

How much will it cost?
How do I get started?

Awesome decision!  Remember, your first workout is always FREE!

We are using April to get everything set up and finalizing the workouts.

  1. Join our TreadFast Running and Strength Workouts Facebook Group for updates and some Tread Talk.
  2. Contact liza@treadfast.com or call( 605) 321-0169 to save your place during our Free Open House Week

If you’d like to be notified when classes are officially available for booking, make sure you email Liza and join our Facebook Group.


Rates, Class Times and Next Steps

Free Class!
No experience required.

New Treaders follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow the link below, pick your session
  2. Enter the requested info and sign the waiver
  3. Show up ready to Tread! 
    (Out of town drop-ins welcome, but 
    please follow our drop-in policy.)

Existing CFSF Athletes:

  1. Sign Up for a TreadFast Drop In session using the link below
  2. Enter the Promo Code: 1stFree immediately after picking the class

Or Contact Us Now!

Email: liza@treadfast.com   Ph:(605) 274-3474

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